In this "Index", the lithographs often produced in "Grand Aigle" format (75 x 105 cm) with 18 to 45 colours by Jacques Mourlot in Paris, and the etchings produced by Jean Noblet with 28 to 48 colours, correspond to the high prices currently paid amongst Private Collectors, at times reaching the price of watercolours. To avoid any confusion, imitation or forged paintings, multiples and original works must be accompanied by certified garantees. Contact us.

PAINTINGS: As early as 1955, the exclusive contracts with Samuel E. J0HNS0N, the most prominent art dealer in his lifetime, placed more than 135 Yatrides' "a tempera water/binder emulsion " Etudes on canvas "in the top rank of the most important Private Collections, notably in North America". All of his Oils about 480, are to be notably found in European Collections in most cases, not including nearly 20 paintings "a tempera organic/binder" elements on canvas and approximately 35 distempers water/minerals monochromes camaieu process with sometimes one or two colours rarely more, sent to SamuelE. Johnson International Galleries, Chicago Ill. This status quo does not require the services of any present gallery owner.

INK AND PENCIL DRAWINGS : guaranteed by personally written certificates.

LITHOGRAPHS : (the only ones in existence to this day)

"Et la mort ne sera plus"  ("And Death shall be no more"), image 45 x 65cm, wide margins 18cm (added to "image" dimensions: 63 x 73cm) .produced in 1974 on 300gr ARCHE LITHO 130 prints. Realized by Georges de MARIA in Cachan -adapted Oil on canvas (1973) 50 P,

JACQUES MOURLOT Paris produced these following lithographs:

"Création selon son espèce"71 x 57 cm - image, wide margins 18 cm 
on 300gr ARCHE produced in January 1986 LITHO.140 prints.
- adapted from Oil on canvas "Creation according to its kind" (1963) 30 F.

"Vibration essentielle" (l'Expérience, phase finale) - image 60 x 80 cm, produced in May 1986,
wide margins 16 cm (added to the "image" dimensions : 76 x 96cm) on 300gr ARCHE. LITHO.165 prints. 
- adapted Oil on canvas "Essential Vibration"-The Experiment, final phase (1982) 60 F.

"Portrait bleu" (la petite Juive muette) image 55 x 41 cm, produced October 1986on 300gr ARCHE. LITHO. 160 prints 
wide margins 16 cm (total dimensions: 71 x 57 cm)- adapted from Oil on canvas "Portrait in Blue" -The little mute Jewish Girl" (1954)15 F .

"Florence" (le Portrait-Ecran)  63 x 48.5cm image, produced in March 1990 wide margins on 300gr ARCHE , LITHO 250 prints.
- adapted from Oil on canvas "Florence, screen-portrait of my life" (1980)15 P

"La créature aux fleurs" (The Creature with flowers)" 67 x 55 cm , produced in February 1987, wide margins 20cm on 300gr ARCHE LITHO 165 prints - - - adapted fromOil on canvas (1977) 20 F.

Each lithograph is guaranteed by an authenticated certificate signed by Jacques MOURLOT and Georges YATRIDES, a 4 page attached certificate, with quadrichrome reproduction of the work in question; a sole printing in these dimensions and with this technique. The same for the etchings.

ETCHINGS :  (the only ones in existence to this day) produced by Jean NOBLET.

"Le spectacle de la Liberté" ("The Vision of Freedom") 32.5 x 46 cm - image, wide margins 15 cm on 300gr ARCHE, produced in November 1983 (after "a tempera" painting - 20 P, dated 1950). ETCHING 28 colors. 85 prints.

"le printemps des planètes" ("The Springtime of the Planets") 46 x 35cm - image, margins idem on 300gr ARCHE, produced in July 1985 (after "a tempera" painting - 20 F, dated from 1949) ETCHING 31 colors. 85 prints.

"Et la mort ne sera plus"  ("And Death shall be no more") 17 x 24cm - image, very wide off-centre margins 26.5 and 4cm 
on 300gr ARCHE, produced in May 1986 (after 1973 Oil on canvas - already mentioned). ETCHING 48 colors. 130 prints: 1 to 50 "In-text", and 51 to 130 "Plate".

In respect of current prices for his work, each of these productions is validated only by its specific certificate. This guarantee is essential, since for the price of certain of his lithographs one can obtain an offset printing whose the rubber blanket allows unlimited reproductions.



Size and dates
of original works

POSTERS réalisés en 1981 (5 couleurs) reproduisant les huiles suivantes :
1963 (30 F) 
92x73 cm 
 "L'Adolescent et l'Enfant" ("The Adolescent and Child") 79 x 62.5 cm - image,
on 200gr semi-matt art paper, 93 x 69cm including margins. TEXT: "Yatridès le
Peintre hors du tumulte" signed René CHAR bottom left, and the title of the painting
reproduced bottom right. Numbered 5000 prints in quadrichrome..
60 P - 1978
(130x89 cm)
- "Pêcheur d'hommes"  ("Fisher of men") 61.5 x 90 cm, paper idem above,
image 70 x 102cm including margins. Numbered 5000 prints in quadrichrome.
TEXT: René CHAR and title of painting reproduced.

POSTERS IMAGE / TEXT PLUS ILLUSTRATION in quadrichrome or more colors,
reproducing the following oils:
30 F - 1973
(92x73 cm)  
- "l'abondance de paix" (la Femme à la mouette) - ("Peace in abundance" -Woman with seagull)
54 x 32 cm, on l20gr art paper. Image 20 x 15cm. 500 prints
TEXT: "Yatridès, March 5th to 30th, 1974" - Galerie J.C. LIGNEL, Paris.
50 P - 1973
(81x116 cm)  
- "Et la mort ne sera plus" ("And Death shall be no more") 62 x 45cm,
Image 31 x 43cm on l70gr art paper. TEXT: "Yatridès retrospective"
- Château de la Condamine, May 10th to June 5th, 1978. 500 prints.
 With the same text: large posters on 200gr art paper 248 x 180cm - 50 prints.
60 F - 1982
(97x130 cm)  
- "Vibration essentielle"40 x 60cm, Image 30.5 x 40cm, on 250gr art paper.
TEXT: Yatridès XIIIth Salon de Montmorency, Guest of Honour, November 13th to 27th,
1983. 100 prints.
- "Vibration essentielle"60 x 80cm for the same Salon, on l70gr silk-finish.
30 P - 1977
(65x92 cm)  
- "Les Nouveaux Rouleaux" ("The New Scrolls") 70 x 102cm, Image 56 x 85.5cm
on l70gr silk-finish. TEXT: "1984 Year of Poland". Sale at auction 800,000 francs in aid of Poland
- Hôtel Méridien, December 12th, 1983, Paris. A very large print run was planned which did not
have Yatridès' consent with regard to the quality of the printing. The whole of this print run was
destroyed, except some pieces of proof.
25 P - 1978 
(81x60 cm)  
- "Les Marguerites ou l'Offrande pour l'aube" ("Ox-Eye Daisies or Offering for the dawn")
70 x 45cm) Image 45 x 35cm on 200gr silk-finish. TEXT: "Yatridès lithographs" - February 1982
- Galerie la Spirale du temps (The Spiral of Time Gallery). 100 prints.
20 P - 1979
(54x73 cm)
- "Rêve dans un paysage "  ("Dream in a landscape") 40 x 30cm, reproduction reduced
from a drawing 20 x 14cm TEXT: "Yatridès - Ville de Montargis" -XXXIIIrd Salon,
May 7th to 23rd, 1988. 100 prints.
15 P - 1980
(55x38 cm)  
- "Florence" (le portrait-Ecran) (The screen-Portrait) 60 x 40cm, Image 28 x 22cm on 170gr.
TEXT: Florence Yatrides' donation - December 7th, 1990, in aid of the A.F.M., under the aegis
of the LIONS. 260 prints. French TV channel FR3's strike and the announcement in the Figaro
Magazine postponed after the agreed date, thwarted interested Private collectors. These facts
made defer the lithographic printing realized later, printing kept by Florence Yatrides

Without his consent, below 2 polychrome reproductions are in circulation, apparently in small
numbers, produced on l70gr semi-matt classic art paper :

40 P - 1982      a.         "L'Homme au drap" (l'anti-stochastique) - ("Man with sheet" - The Anti-stochastic)
(100x73 cm)                   (51 x 35cm) Image 40 x 29cm.

30 P - 1977      a'.        "Les Nouveaux Rouleaux" ("The New Scrolls") (51 x 35cm) Image 26 x 40cm.
(65x92 cm)

Illicit caption: In aid of motor neurone handicapped children -For the creation of the Yatridès
Foundation in France International Chain of Fraternity - Unfunded fictitious text. A complaint was
lodged and the case won.


ART PUBLICATIONS: Prestigious editions on l7O gr paper, polychromatic (4 to 6 colours)

"Yatridès maître du temps"  by Arthur CONTE, famous historian, 280 pages (32 x 25cm), containing more than 70 very high definition reproductions. Develops Yatridès' biography, from 1931 to 1980.

"Yatridès le peintre du réel invisible"  ("Yatridès, painter of the invisible reality")
"Yatridès l'anti-Picasso
"Yatridès et son siècle" ("Yatridès and his century"), by Professor BOURMEYSTER, 3 works brought together in one essential volume mobilizing all the resources of this great semiologist -276 pages (31 x 24 cm) with a large number of high-quality reproductions.

Editions in preparation :

"Les Icônes interstellaires" ("The interstellar Icons") - Yatridès 1960, Kubrick 1968"
"Yatridès et la Bible"

"Under these 5 titles, Professor BOURMEYSTER develops a discursive analysis of YATRIDES' painting, an original method that introduces computer science, semiology and rhetoric, after having expanded the structuralist methods of A.J. GREIMAS. The production in 1982 of a filmed study on YATRIDES by the M.S.T.C. (Maitrise des Sciences et des Techniques de Communication) at Grenoble III University was followed by the mobilizing of all his resources for several in-depth theses on his work". (Annex Controls).

POSTCARDS polychromatic (4 to 6 colours) reproducing 34 of his paintings on 250gr chromolux (18.5 x 14.5)


From 16 to 100 pages with numerous quadrichromes. Image - 25 x 20 cm and more.

The quality of certain reproductions produced after his paintings allows of a possible confusion for uninformed art lovers, in the case of smaller etchings or lithographs, as the lithographs produced by respectively Jean Noblet and Jacques Mourlot are special print runs protected by accompanying guarantees which we repeat comprise among other things a unitary certificate authenticated by the signatures of Jean Noblet or Jacques Mourlot and Georges Yatridès - a 4 pages attached certificate, with quadrichromatic reproduction of the work concerned, its numeration, and clear specific impresses. Exclusive print runs of the dimensions and techniques and number of colors specified (minimum 24 to 45 colors for a distemper or a lithigraphy).

Important :

This applies to his Studies in water on canvas, monochromes in camaieu or "bichromes", confused with his Oil on canvas paintings, a much more prestigious technique due to its possibilities of colour use (transparency, translucidity, opalescence, mattness, superpositions of synthesis). An unlikely confusion however, if any.

During the period 1954-1966, it must be remembered that YATRIDES produced close to 160-170 watercolours, monochromes in camaieu and "bichromes" on canvas, notably those from 1954to 1963. From 1954 to the present day his total output of paintings, including his Oils on canvas has a line engraved in the paste: it is not a superficial mark on the surface. This engraved line of YATRIDES' is the drawing itself, from the genesis of the canvas to the final coat of paint, producing a furrow down through all the layers of colour.

On another level, but connected in a manner just as detrimental to his work, the Public Authorities, including the Tax Authority, are in possession of documents issued by Auctioneers indignant at the practices of Monsieur Jacques BOUSSAC and his principals Yves GAIRAUD and Didier ROMAND, including Monsieur Gérard SCHURR now deceased:  confusions but also omissions.


During YATRIDES' exclusive contracts with Samuel E. JOHNSON, the most prominent art dealer in his lifetime, more than 135 paintingsWatercolour Etudes on canvas mono or dichromes were placed in the top rank of the most influential Private Collections of notably North and South America, which loaned his works to Events organized by preeminent Painting Schools. These collections do not relinquish their artistic patrimony unless it is under conditions which enhance their standing - conditions that are well-known and rarely met.

To be precise, YATRIDES only used special sizes for the United States for paintings depicting figures during the years 1959-62, for monochrome and polychrome watercolours on canvas such as :
36 x 1492 x 36 cm"Young Woman and child" (1959)
37 x 1794 x 43 cm"Turkish Woman with mask"(1960)
40 x 20102 x 51 cm"Femme assise"(1960)
41 x 19104 x 48 cm"Prokofiev's n°3 piano concerto" (1961)
(These 4 distemper-Studies above are produced with a specific binder incorporated)
40 x 20102 x 51 cm"Etude" 1959
14 x 3636 x 92 cm"The river" 1960
36 x 1692 x 41 cm"Structure pour le temps dépassé" 1960
36 x 1692 x 41 cm"Structure pour le temps dépassé 2" 1960
41 x 19104 x 48 cm"Music machine"1961
(These last five Studies are "a tempera" paintings protected by varnish)

It must be restated that Yatridès has produced close to 160-170 watercolour Studies 135-140 "a tempera" (Water/binder different resins emulsions'', plus 20 ''atempera'' Organic/binder; monochromes in camaieu or polychromes, on canvas specially prepared for these techniques :  particulary from 1954 to 1963. Certain other watercolours are outside this period, more precisely from 1954 to 1972.

Be they watercolour studies or oil paintings, Georges Yatridès' work is technically recognizable, even in some good reproductions, notably by the line engraved in the paste. This line is not a superficial mark on the surface: at least 2 millimetres deep, it is the drawing itself right up from the weave of the canvas. This particularity which is all his own cannot be entirely reproduced, the content and form being fused. But this same particularity allows an 'imitator' an approximate rendition that may deceive amateurs.

The same applies to his drawing.

For additional information, the painting - oil on cardboard - "LE PEINTRE ET SON MODELE", whimsical title, from 1946, 46 x 38 cm (8F) sold for 136,000 Francs by Me ANAF in Lyon, 29/10/89, was a stolen painting (D.L. 16th and 20th June 1992).

Similarly for the oil on canvas "L'HOMME AU DRAP" (L'anti-stochastique) 1982, 100 x 73cm (40P) put up for sale 20/10/85 in Rambouillet with Maîtres FAURE and REY (See Commissaire de Police de SENLIS).

It must be stressed that the typo-lithographs, type "Lemasson" were produced on pressed cloth-paper interpreting the original paintings "Nu au paysage" ("Nude in landscape") and "Le pain Biblique" ("The Biblical Bread") in the respective dimensions 79 x 63 cm and 98 x 63 cm, each with a print run of 20. It has only been possible to produce 9 examples of each, the "Lemasson" technique demanding very great precision.

It is recommended that one deals only with works accompanied by a certified guarantee in respect of the "multiples", but also of the original works where there may be possible confusion as to genres: confusion between "oil on canvas"paintings and "water on canvas" (camaieux). Confusion between "pencil drawing" or "ink" and engraving, what is more when forged works are concerned.

The Guide Mayer (Editions Silvio Acatos), the E. Bénézit (Editions Gründ), the Tribune Desfossés (Hubert Konrad, the "Who's Who in International Art" (Patrick Barrer) among others, contain the "Index des différents Répertories" above, as well as Guidargus (Edition Boussac).

Derniers jours de Pompei 1952
Oil, 54x73cm

Englsh translation by Penelope Hamilton
Mail: (yatridès and his century)

Extracts from following documents and works : 
Official French Authorities : Government administrative Yatrides' biography" 

Arthur Conte : "Yatridès master of time" SGL 04.03.1991 
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Monographic catalogues, Yatridès : "Main Master guest of Honour" in several important cities organized by Town councils in offices of Mayors ( in France notably : Montmorency residential City)
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University theses "The painter outside the tumult" (Sciences et Télécommunications Masters', MSTC Universities Grenoble III 1981), "Public Relations and communications techniques in the service of Painting -Yatridès" (Lehodey-Dissertation mémoire 402 pages, 1983 - School of Press Attachés, Founder and Managing director : Denis Huismans)
Short movies, videos, Broazdcastings: "Yatridès, paintings rails of sky" (Sacré-Coeur Montmartre Paris, Provideo S.A. 1981), "Yatridès the painter outside the tumult" ("René Char" Provideo S.A. 1983), " Yatridès' Art" (Version Originale S.A. 1985), "Germany, Poland, Russia" 1984.
Full-length films : Yatrides' work has fascinated film-makers, movie-directors, semiologists, among the best of our time :
Marcel Carné : Its proposal for a feature film with internationally renowned artists. Scenario provided by Henry - François Rey. Yatridès circumstances had to décline this offer from one of the giants of cinema. 
Jean Delannoy : Famed movie director, film-Makers : "The quality of your painting makes me decide to undertake a film inspired by the originality of your work and items of your own life. It will be for me the consecration of my long career "(24 October 1987) See in "His "life": "His entourage"- "Your life and the beauty of your work, your approach depth numberless still in me the same desire to involved me. With my deep admiration and unwavering friendship". Jean DELANNOY (May 1, 1989). See in the spiral of time ( "Professional notes": "Filmmakers". Despite their great friendship Georges YATRIDES will be unable to take a decision disoriented by the passions his work aroused. 
Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick in 1968 will show in their full-length film the metaphysical amplitude of the monoliths Yatridès Plates. Yatrides did not claim any intellectual property rights on the substance and form, arguments of this film that marked our time. See this site, in his "life": "entourage". In his "work": "Slabs of Yatridès" and "the interstellar icons." 
Yatrides -Kubrick : the interstellar Yatridès plates, substance and driving force of "2001: Space Odyssey". See "His work": "Yatridès-Kubrick". 
Miles Millar : Present days : "Georges YATRIDES is the apotheosis of a Master in terms of artistry (...) His body of work is ethereal, not only aesthetically, but in his innate ability to harness the metaphysical aspect of our nature. He is an absolute in the incessant redefining and evolving anatomy of contemporary art and a gift to all of us. The power of this man's vision is everlasting (...) I was enraptured by the dexterity of his mind (...). Georges Yatrides' work is awe-inspiring and rightfully deserves the position it will take in our collective history, he is a true craftsman of the intangible" : Miles MILLAR, February 17, 2009

Société des Gens de Lettres and ADAGP 
Copyrights © 1945-1997. Yatridès and his century. All rights reserved.
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