An artist of genius, creator of time and space in the strongest sense of the definition.

In his art, it is impossible to pinpoint what is most striking, each painting being both miniature and cathedral.

Both the most harmonious and the most tormented fairies are present in its genesis, the goddess Athene of the Greek-born man and all the anguish of the black slave, the smiling face of the Dauphiné and the rictus of the Aztec masks, the perpetual springtime of California and the most horrendous Armenian storms :  this magician has ultimately found the way to combine all the shadows and light of his wanderings, from Delphi to the Congos, from Grenoble to Mexico, from Los Angeles to the most diabolic cities.

What is more, like the true Greats, he is unclassifiable. In no way could he be linked with either school or church or stream :  there will only ever be one YATRIDES, who will never define himself other than "YATRIDES".

Thus it is too that, amidst an apathetic civilization of the masses, he preserves the pride and the nobility of that increasingly rare being -- the man apart... but for all that in true and intense communion with the deepest core of humanity.

Arthur CONTE (1983)


Extract from
"Yatridès, Master of Time"
by Arthur Conte

"The cult of rites and structure reigns therein. Many of the paintings are ceremonious. Sophocles enacted in Delphi. Throbbing drumbeats in the starry night. Splendours of a sacrificial temple in Mexico. It is all too true that each work has the perfect unity and filigree elegance of a new Renaissance cathedral. What is more, nothing is done without the most painstaking technique..."

"Everything is carefully weighed up, calculated, measured :  he is not merely skilful, he becomes so skilful that he could at times seem an alchemist...The touch of a magician when he paints... Unfathomable depths. The passion of a sorcerer... Here he is, in the full mastery of his art. From fundamental graphics to absolute graphics. Light and space are perfectly mastered.
Georges Yatridès achieves the most exalting feats..."

"Leonardo did not work with any greater passion towards the mobilizing of technical resources..."

"The entire work stems from the most sublime inspiration. It may have been guided by the finger of God. Who then will ever be able to perfectly understand those eyes, those famous eyes? One thinks first of those of Modigliani's. They also are without pupils. They are inspired less by negro statues than by the faces of ancient Persia, with, besides, the same oval outline of the face and the same imperious forehead. But the eyes of MODIGLIANI's are frozen like the reflections of slightly bulging mirrors, as well meet the glare of a praying mantis. Those of YATRIDES' in fact focus quite the opposite way. They are spheres which move about within a housing precisely designed for them. They owe more to the owl than to the praying mantis. They have a much greater power of bewitchment. This gaze pierces all darknesses..."

Clifford A. BAUER waxes ecstatic: "Thanks to the mastery of his graphics and pictorial art, YATRIDES manages to define a global dimension of time, from the origins of Matter and Man, right up to the very brink of Eternity".

"The adolescent gazes at his hand, enlarged by the play of perspective so as to become the centre of the painting; a hand that speaks. The child, sitting on some steps, turns away from us to watch a very elongated slab passing through the sky, a quite simple slab, but one that contains all the genetic cogs, all knowledge, all prophecies, the absolute promise of all revelations. It is this same slab  that  KUBRICK and CLARKE will make use of eight years later, in 1968, in "2001: A SPACE ODYSSEE", which KUBRICK will turn into a screen triumph. Already at this stage we are dealing with grandiose cosmic visions". In 1985, Peter HYAMS' "2010 (ODYSSEE TWO)" extends the Odyssey. The Slab, through its physical, even mystical dimensions fully measures up to those of YATRIDES', the original "matrices", 1960".
"In actual fact, each canvas seeks to encompass the whole of time". 
ARTHUR CONTE, famed historian of the Vth French Republic, Minister
Chairman of  ORTF, management of the three initial TV Chanels
, during  CHARLES  DE  GAULLE Presidence 



"Painter of the invisible reality", Yatridès is the creator of a problematical space which emerges from his aesthetic tabula rasa of the XXth century..."(Development in www.yatrides.com)

Sacha Bourmeyster, Professor at Grenoble III University, dean,Specialist in Semiology, author of :
"Yatridès, painter of the Invisible Reality", "Yatrides and the Bible"
"The transfinite convergence in the Future of the Past and the Present of the Future", "Yatrides and his century", "The Anti-Picasso", "The Interstellar Icons, Yatridès 1960-Kubrick 1968".


Christ Leica et orange 
92x73cm 1963

Mail :Yatrides et son siècle ou "yatrides@wanadoo.fr"

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Films, longs métrages : L'œuvre de Yatridès a enthousiasmé cinéastes, réalisateurs, sémiologues parmi les plus grands de notre temps. Voir sur ce site "Son entourage" dans "Savie"
Marcel Carné : Sa proposition de long métrage avec des artistes de renommée internationale. Scénario prévu par Henry- François Rey. Yatridès dans sa situation avait dû décliner cette offre d'un des géants du cinéma..
Jean Delannoy : Dans "Sa vie" : "Son entourage" : "La qualité exceptionnelle de votre peinture me fait décider d'entreprendre un film s'inspirant de l'originalité de votre œuvre et des éléments de votre propre vie. Il sera pour moi la consécration de ma longue carrière" (24 octobre 1987) ."Ta vie et la beauté de ton œuvre, la profondeur de ta démarche éveillent toujours en moi la même envie de m'en mêler. Avec ma profonde admiration et à mon indéfectible amitié". Jean DELANNOY, (1er mai 1989). Voir dans la Spirale du temps (yatrides.org) "Commentaires professionnels" : "Cinéastes". Malgré la grande amitié qui les rapprochait, Georges YATRIDES n'avait pu accepter, désorienté par les passions que suscitait son oeuvre.
Arthur C. Clarke et Stanley Kubrick en 1968 révèleront dans leur long métrage l'amplitude métaphysique des Plaques Monolithes de Yatridès.
Yatridès ne revendiquera aucuns des droits intellectuels sur le fond et la forme, arguments, moteur de ce long métrage qui a marqué le XXème siècle et reste encore à notre époque un évènement cinémathographique majeur.
Voir dans "Sa vie": "L'entourage" et dans "Son oeuvre" : "Les Plaques de Yatridès" et "les Icônes interstellaires".
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Voir dans "Son œuvre": "Yatridès-Kubrick".
Miles Millar : De nos jours : "Georges YATRIDES est l'apothéose d'un Maître en termes de qualité artistique (...) son corps de travail est éthéré, pas seulement esthétique, mais dans sa capacité innée pour exploiter l'aspect métaphysique de notre nature. Il est l'absolu dans la redéfinition incessante et l'évolution de la sreucture, l'anatomie de l'art contemporain et un présent pour nous tous. La puissance de la vision de cet homme est infinie (...), j'ai été en extase devant la virtuosité de son esprit (...). l'œuvre de Georges Yatrides est stupéfiante et légitimement mérite à juste titre la position qu'il va prendre dans notre histoire collective, il est un véritable artisan de l'intangible": Miles MILLAR, Los Angeles le 17 février 2009. et nibh.