"The exceptional quality of your paintings has made me decide to embark on a film inspired by the originality of your work and events in your own life. For me it will be the crowning of my long career".
"Your work has transfixed me like a sword of  fire and grace". Jean Delannoy (October 24th 1987)
A sincere friendship springs up between the two creative artists :

"Each new day spent in your company brings me ever more joy and enthusiasm. My twilight years are becoming a new dawn". Jean Delannoy(November 19th 1987).

"Your life and the beauty of your work, the profundity of your enterprise, always awake in me the same desire to be involved with it. With my profound admiration and my unfailing friendship". 
Jean Delannoy (May 1st 1989).

But given the state of his health and his circumstances, Yatridès will be unable to take a decision.
He regreted this situation, for in his mind, Jean DELANNOY was the only one Film-Director to be capable of a great movy, close to his life




"Indubitably this film is destined for international distribution. We shall aim to put together a cast consisting of several internationally acclaimed film stars, for example Anthony Quinn, Irène Papas, Fernando Rey etc..."

"We have obtained Mr Henry François Rey's agreement (The Player Pianos, The Masked Horses), he being a screen writer very close to the painting milieu and, what is more, having a complete knowledge of Master Yatridès' work".

"Marcel Carné, the greatest French film-maker of all time". Jacques Quintard (January 14th 1986).

Although deeply honoured, Yatridès' circumstances at the time force him to decline this full-length film proposal 



Pain vivant cosmique
81x100cm 1978

Englsh translation by Penelope Hamilton
Mail: (yatridès and his century)

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Full-length films : Yatrides' work has fascinated film-makers, movie-directors, semiologists, among the best of our time :
Marcel Carné : Its proposal for a feature film with internationally renowned artists. Scenario provided by Henry - François Rey. Yatridès circumstances had to décline this offer from one of the giants of cinema. 
Jean Delannoy : Famed movie director, film-Makers : "The quality of your painting makes me decide to undertake a film inspired by the originality of your work and items of your own life. It will be for me the consecration of my long career "(24 October 1987) See in "His "life": "His entourage"- "Your life and the beauty of your work, your approach depth numberless still in me the same desire to involved me. With my deep admiration and unwavering friendship". Jean DELANNOY (May 1, 1989). See in the spiral of time ( "Professional notes": "Filmmakers". Despite their great friendship Georges YATRIDES will be unable to take a decision disoriented by the passions his work aroused. 
Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick in 1968 will show in their full-length film the metaphysical amplitude of the monoliths Yatridès Plates. Yatrides did not claim any intellectual property rights on the substance and form, arguments of this film that marked our time. See this site, in his "life": "entourage". In his "work": "Slabs of Yatridès" and "the interstellar icons." 
Yatrides -Kubrick : the interstellar Yatridès plates, substance and driving force of "2001: Space Odyssey". See "His work": "Yatridès-Kubrick". 
Miles Millar : Present days : "Georges YATRIDES is the apotheosis of a Master in terms of artistry (...) His body of work is ethereal, not only aesthetically, but in his innate ability to harness the metaphysical aspect of our nature. He is an absolute in the incessant redefining and evolving anatomy of contemporary art and a gift to all of us. The power of this man's vision is everlasting (...) I was enraptured by the dexterity of his mind (...). Georges Yatrides' work is awe-inspiring and rightfully deserves the position it will take in our collective history, he is a true craftsman of the intangible" : Miles MILLAR, February 17, 2009

Société des Gens de Lettres and ADAGP 
Copyrights © 1945-1997. Yatridès and his century. All rights reserved.
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Important note :  Jean Delannoy et Marcel Carné, famed French film-Makers are mentioned in this page. Stanley Kubrick is cited in another one (Yatrides 1960 - Kubrick 1968) 

Since we are speaking about famous films-Makers, movie Directors, we have to cite : 
Jean-Jacques Annaud, Allégret, Bartabas, Jacques Becker, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Claude Berri, Luc Besson, Jean-Pierre Blanc, Bertrand Blier, Marcel Bluwal, Yves Boisset, Bernard Borderie, Jean Boyer, Philippe de Broca, Luis Bunuel, Robert Bresson, Jane Campion, Christian Carion, Marcel Carné, André Cayatte, Alain Chabat, Claude Chabrol, Patrice Chereau , René Clair, Cédric Klapisch, René Clément, Henri-Georges Clouzot, Jean Cocteau, Alain Corneau, Costa-Gavras, Louis Daquin, Jules Dassin, Henri Decoin, Jean Delannoy, Jacques Demy, Derry, Arnaud Desplechin, Michel Deville, Jacques Doillon, Dupeyron, Julien Duvivier, Robert Enrico, J. Eustache, Jean Faurez, Pascale Ferran, Laurence Ferreira, Feyder, Georges Franju, Christopher Gans, Tony Gatlif, Jean-Luc Godard, Gilles Grangier, Jean Gremillon, Guitry, Philippe Harel, Robert Hossein, Christian-Jaque, André Hunebelle, Henri Jeanson, Amos Kolek, Gérard Krawczyk, Krysztof Kieslowski, Maurice Labro, Georges Lampin, Georges Lautner, Gérard Lauzier, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Guy Lefranc, Claude Lelouch, Marcel l'Herbier, Jacques Maillot, Louis Malle, Melville, Agnès Merlet, Claude Miller, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Edouard Molinaro, Bruno Nuytten, Marcel Ophuls, Francis Ozon, Gérard Oury, Pagnol, Maurice Pialat, Lucian Pintilié, Jean-Marie Poiré, Roman Polanski, Pierre Prévert, J-P Rappeneau, Alain Resnais, Renoir, Jacques Rivette, Yves Robert, Eric Rochant, Eric Rohmer, Victor Saville, J.-P. Sauné, Coline Serreau, Mathieu Simonet, J.F. Stevenin, Jacques Tati, Bertrand Tavernier, Pierre Tchernia, François Truffaut, Roger Vadim, Agnès Varda, Henri Verneuil, Marion Vernoux, Daniel Vigne, Vigo, Christian Vincent, Jean Yanne, Wargnier, Claude Zidi, Andrzej Zulawski. And many other we admire. 

But how to forget the genius of Hollywood and New York cinema. They made admirable movies, notably the ones that realized the Veterans, Elders and Precursors, stimulating a lot of great new talents with their films, characters, manners, situation, comic or musical comedies. 
(Movies Directors for fantastical or science-fiction films are cited on in "His work" : Yatrides-Kubrick). 

We pay tribute to   : 

Jim Abrahams, Percy Aldon, Robert Aldrich, Robert Altman, Woody Allen, Ken Anakin, Michael Anderson, Wes Anderson, Predrag Antonijevic, Dan Aykroyd, LLoyd Bacon, john badham, Klaus Badelt, Graham Baker, Antonio Banderas, Harry Beaumont, Harold Becker, Bruce Beresford, Andrew Bergman, Kathryn Bigelow, Larry Bishop, Jamie Blanks, Peter Bogdanovich, John Boorman, John Bowman, Boyle, Red Braddock, Keneth Branagh, Broyles, Richard Brooks, Clarence Brown, Tod Browning, Edward Burns, Jeff Burr, Tim Burton, Davide Butler, Christopher Cain, James Cain, Martin Campbell, Frank Cappello, Frank Capra, Thomas Carter, John Cassavetes, Graeme Clifford, Kevin Connor, George Cukor, Rod Daniel, Donnie Darko, Andrew Davis, Cecil B. De Mille, Don Chaffey, Charlie Chaplin, Edward Dmytryk, Ethan Cohen, Joel Cohen, Robert Cohen, Jack Conway, Francis Ford Coppola, Roger Corman, Cameron Crowe, George Cukor, Rusty Cundleff, Michael Curtiz, Delmer Daves, Andrew Davis, Fred Dekker, Walt Disney, Pete Docter, Stanley Donen, Richard Donner, Dmytryk, Lance W. Dreesen, Blake Edwards, Clint Eastwood, Jack Ersgard, Bobby and Peter Farrelly, Abel Ferrara, Mike Figgis, David Fincher, Terence Fisher, Richard Fleischer, Victor Fleming, James Foley, John Ford, Milos Forman, Gary Foster, William Friedkin, Samuel Fuller, Sidney Furie, Fynch, Clide Geronimi, Brian Gibson, Terry Gilliam, Alfred E. Green, Davis Guggenheim, Edmund Goulding, James Gray, David W. Griffith, Charlie Haas, Philip Haas, Guy Hamilton, James B. Harris, Henry Hataway, Paul Henreid, Howard Hawks, Amie Heckerling, Rowdy Herrington, Werner Herzog, George Roy Hill, Jack Hill, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Hoen, PJ. Hogan, Tinnell Hoge, Stephen Hopkins, Denis Hopper, Hornaday, Ron Howard, Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes, John Hughes, Gale Ann Hurd, Anjelica Huston, John Huston, Clint Hutchinson, Brian G. Hutton, Thomas Ince, John Irvin, James Ivory, Kevin Jane, Jim Jarmusch, Terry Johns, Phil Jouanou, Karbelnikoff, Laurence Kasdan, Elia Kazan, James Keach, Buster Keaton, Lodge H. Kerrigan, Henry King, Randal Kleiser, Steve Kloves, Andrei Konchalovsky, Henry Kuster, Rob Laduca, John Lafia, Richard LaGravenese, John Landis, Fritz Lang, John Lassiter, Charles Laughton, Arnold Laven, David Lean, Ang Lee, Spike Lee, Michael Lehmann, Leonard, Robert Z. Leonard, Mark L. Lester, Mervyn Leroy, Richard Lester, Jeremie Leven, Barry Levinson, Jerry Lewis, Doug Liman, Max Linder, Steven Lisberger, Frank Lloyd, Joseph Losey, Ernst Lubitsch, Sidney Lumet, Adrian Lyne, Baz Luhrmann, Gustav Machaty, Sharon Maguire, Kelly Makin, Jim McBride, David McCallum, Leo McCarey, Bruce McCulloch, John McTiernan, David Mamet, Robert Mandel, James Mangold, Mankiewicz, Christophr Menaul, Michael Mann, Gary Marshall, Rudolph Maté, Paul Mazursky, Sam Mendes, Lewis Milestone, George Miller, Vincente Minenlli, Anthony Minghella, David Mirkin, Montgomery, Moorhouse, Bill Murray, Mike Newell, Mike Nichols, Jack Nicholson, Christopher Nolan, B.W.L. Norton, Jonathan Nossiter, Michael Oblowitz, Pat O'Connor, Max Ophuls, Franck Oz, George Willem Pabot, Alan J. Pakula, Brian De Palma, Gordon Parks, Sam Peckinpah, Kimberley Peirce, Mario Van Peebles, Arthur Penn, Sean Penn, Peploe, People, Petrie (Donald), Pitchel, Roman Polanski, Sidney Pollack, George Pollock, Edwin S. Porter, Frank Powell, Elaine Proctor, Rafelson, Wolfgang Reiterman, Stewart Raffill, Sam Raimi, Harold Ramis, Irving Rapper, Nicolas Ray, Robert Redford, Carol Reed, Rob Reiner, Ivan Reitman, Wolfgang Reiterman, David Reuben, Jay Roach, Darell Rooney, Kevin Reynolds, Richard Rich, Roach, Tim Robbins, Robert Rodriguez, Lee Rose, Herbert Ross, Joe Roth, Joseph Ruben, Alan Rudolph, Wesley Ruggles, Richard Rush, Chuck Russel, Marc Rydell, Michael Rymer, Mark Sanrich, William Schlamme, John Schlesinger, Völker Schlöndorff, Joel Schumacher, M.Night Shyamalan, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, Edward Sedgwick, Peter Segal, Richard Shepard, Mack Sennett, Justine Shapiro, Ron Shelton, Jim Sharman, Shoendorffer, Don Siegel, Brian Singer, Robert Siodmak, Douglas Sirk, Victor Sjöström, Shoedsack, Howard Shore, Barbet Shroeder, Joel Schumacher, Suzan Seidelman, George Sidney, Brian Singer, John Singleton, Douglas Sirk, Mel Smith, Steven Soderbergh, Barry Sonnenfeld, Joseph von Sterberg, Yakin A. Smith, eorge Stevens, Steven Spielberg, Sam Spiegel, Roger Spottswoode, George Stevens, Eric von Stroheim, John Sturges, Quentin Tarantino, Sam Taylor, Billy Bob Thorton, Dalton Trumbo, Paul Verhoeven, Charles Vidor, King Vidor, Robert Viene, Walker, Wallace, Raoul Walsh, John Waters, Segourney Weaver, Ken Weiderhorn, Simon West, Gene Wilder, Billy Wilder, Wim Winders, William Wyler, Carrol Willard, Owen Wilson, Windust, Robert Wise, John Woo, Wright, Orson Welles, Paul and Chris Weitz, Boaz Yakin, Terence Young, Robert Zemmeckis, Howard Zieff, Fred Zinnermann, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, Edouard Zwick, Terry Zwigoff. 

Impossible to name all of them despite their worth we appreciate. 

It is evident that really great creative film-makers and movies directors from other countries are an object of wonder. But we took into account American movies-Makers only, because Kubrick (Yatrides 1960 - Clarke, Kubrick 1968 on in "His Work") is not the only one science-fiction great film-maker. We are forced to the conclusion that Yatrides's work shows and demonstrates the weakness of Kubrick's sources.